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Take Advantage of Luck

February 25, 2013

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I took the courses, bought the newest technology and signed up for the latest marketing program, then why don’t I have the same success as everyone else who is doing it?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

In frustration asked yourself, “What more do I have to do? 

I meet dentists all the time who invest fortunes in continuing education and new tools like lasers, Cad-Cam, digital impression systems, CT scans and every new shiny object that comes along, in hope of finding success.  Yes, there are plenty of examples of successful dentists who have achieved success but generally not because of a course, a product, a service and even (heaven help me) a mentor.

Many years ago I traveled a great distance to an over-the-shoulder course to watch a “famous” dentist practice.  I learned a lot during those two days.  Most of the dentists were taking notes on the materials and the equipment he was using.  But I paid more attention to his demeanor and his habits.  Some I liked, some I did not, but I sensed that his success in dentistry and life was more due to his personal habits than anything else.

Since then I have tried to constantly reinvent myself.

At first it was tough going.

I tried to copy him.  Everything about him…from his approach to staff and patients to what he ate for lunch.

It took me some years to realize that it was only a good start…so many things that worked for him, did not work for me.  Success was elusive.

Until I remembered one of America’s own great philosophers – Popeye, who said, “I am what I am.”

You are unique.  Role models are nice, but you have to develop -YOU- you must have a strategy for YOU.

Success is elusive—copying someone else’s business plan rarely works.  Most success comes from randomness, serendipity and luck, as described by Frans Johansson in his book Click Moments.

Of course, always remember what Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”  By that I mean that most of the success we experience in our life comes at random moments and it seems that all of the plans we make don’t directly lead to success.

But when we work hard, create good habits, practice discipline then we are prepared when those moments come.  So if your strategy is to copy someone else’s secret sauce for success, you may be better of preparing your daily rituals to be better prepared when good fortune comes your way.

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