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5 Reasons Ryan Loves the Dentist

August 9, 2010

Filed under: Business of Dentistry,Technical dentistry,Uncategorized — Barry @ 2:52 PM

Ryan is like so many of our dental patients: he has some fear but he wants to get his work done when necessary.  Let’s face it, not many people line up for treatment, hence all those root canal jokes.  Ryan takes care of his teeth for many reasons, one of which is to stay away from me.

So when Ryan came in with a small chip on his upper front central incisor, he would have been fine to leave it alone…but not Grandma.  He hated needles, he didn’t want me to touch his teeth and he was kind of vain so he needed a perfect shade match.  When we were finished doing our magic (I promised him I would use only Weapons of Minimal Destruction), Ryan (and Grandma) loved us, here’s why:

1. No Needles

Although I only had to use the drill to do the least amount of shaping necessary, and to roughen up the surface.  Ryan felt nothing (he was amazed…I wasn’t).  I didn’t have to go anywhere near his gum tissue…I will explain that below.

2. No Mutilation

Who wants to get their teeth cut down for crowns and veneers?  I understand the price of vanity, but Ryan would have lived with his chip.  Don’t we all have patients like Ryan.  And in the center of the mouth getting one tooth shade corrected can be one of the most difficult things in dentistry…dentists today are jumping at the chance to prepare teeth.

3. No Shade Discrepancies

Okay, this is really where the lab takes over.  It’s pretty tough to make veneers that are this thin and esthetic.  We can match the underlying shade of the tooth by using feldspathic porcelain.  Note the contact lens effect in the center.

4. It’s Invisible

Both Ryan and Grandma were happy because it truly was invisible.  It was a case of under promising and over delivering.

5. Now We Love Ryan Too

The best part of this is that Ryan and Grandma have developed a strong trust in our practice.  It showed how competent we were to deliver on our promises.  They realized that we had really listened to Ryan and his latent objections.  Our intent was to do the very best for our patient under his circumstances and objectives (not ours).  This is how we build our practice.


There are many ways to do minimally invasive dentistry.  I believe the success of this minimally invasive veneer case was due to the expert use of feldspathic porcelain by Niche Dental Studio, and the use of fine Dialite polishing wheels which helped to make all of the margins invisible.


  1. Thanks for sharing . Absolutely liked your post this time as well. Keep up the good work and keep your fans updated with some more of such stuff.


    Comment by litmon — November 18, 2010 @ 2:22 AM

  2. Thank you so much. I haven’t posted in a while. Been struggling with some personal issues, but your comments are inspiring.

    Comment by Barry — November 18, 2010 @ 8:43 AM

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