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How to Interpret a Story

June 18, 2012

Mary Osborne is one of dentistry’s greatest treasures.  She is a wonderful teacher and a master storyteller.  I was recently reading LeeAnn Brady’s blog and came across a video of Mary telling one of her favorite stories.  I had heard the story before but this time it took n new meaning.

That is the power of story.  It touches each of us in a different way each time we hear it.  Take a listen.

This time I was reminded of one of my favorite lessons about why I spend so much time with new patients during my comprehensive examination.  When I teach this principle I usually refer to Stephen Covey’s works on trust.  I love when he says, “With people, fast is slow, and slow is fast.”

When I quote that I usually get a lot of blank stares reflected at me.  Think about case acceptance…when you take your time with patients up front, they make their decisions must faster.  And when you rush people through an exam, it seems they never make a decision.  This is what Mary’s story means to me.

What does it mean to you?

I am in the middle of training a new puppy, Annie.  The same principle works with dogs—so it’s just not with people.

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