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March 29, 2010

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Yesterdays’ post had to do with showing dogs and standards.  I used the words apathy and complacency to show how we have become resigned to this lowering of standards.  Then it hit me…the word, “whatever” has been used so often in our culture that we have come to accept these lower standards.

As an aside, I was back at the dog show yesterday.  I met with a lady who actually introduced me to the boxer breed twenty years ago.  She is a judge today and the owner of some of the most gorgeous dogs in boxer history.   I respect her opinion more than anyone in this field.  Coincidentally in our conversation she revealed to me that she believes that before she dies she will actually judge a group of “white” boxers.  This has never been accepted in the AKC.  Of course we love all dogs, but dogs with potential genetic defects just don’t make the standard.  Politically correct and fairness really don’t come into play when we are talking about excellence and standards.  Free markets and competition is what made this country great.

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